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Desk ShotPsilence Media offers a number of unique services in the field of media, content creation, site optimisation and online web promotion.

We typically work on projects that need a combination of website work, audio production and online promotion. We’re also working on a number of technology-related websites.

What Psilence Offers:


Thanks for visiting our site. We’re sure you’ll be stumbling across content created and optimised by Psilence Media in your web travels…

Current Projects

  • Audio production for a new network of radio stations
  • Production of an award-winning syndicated radio show
  • Content and Social Media for an award-winning online virtual community
  • Ongoing media and web courses in South Essex


The Media and Technology radio show “FrequencyCast”, which is produced by Psilence Media, has won a second top European podcast award… More about podcasts

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